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Marketing Strategy Audit - Self Assessment Tool

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To start our Marketing Audit Self-Assessment and get a FREE Audit Report that will help your organisation's marketing strategy, please click here: Marketing Audit Self-Assessment

Total Marketing Solutions (TMS) was founded in 2004 in recognition of the need for high quality, affordable strategic marketing expertise to be more readily available to organisations in our chosen markets. After initially working with organisations in our local markets of Cornwall and Devon, TMS quickly expanded to work with client organisations in London and across the whole of the UK.

Market Research conducted by TMS has shown that many organisations in both the private and public sectors still claim that they do not have the time or the inclination to be concerned about marketing;

"... I don't have to worry about marketing my business, the orders keep coming in
from referrals and repeat business - we're growing fast enough as it is..."

For some this may be true, however, the evidence is that all businesses eventually have to be concerned about marketing in order to achieve their long-term goals. Such as:

  • Maintaining growth in revenue
  • Sustaining profitability
  • Attracting and retaining 'profitable' customers

The 'problem' for many organisations is where to get strategic marketing expertise that you can trust at a price that you can afford. To make life more difficult, there is often a lot of contradictory advice - a printer says you need a new brochure, the local newspaper says advertising will do the trick, a web designer insists that you need a website.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, our team of strategic marketing consultants will provide you with high quality, cost-effective and impartial advice to ensure you get the right solution for your business. We have particular expertise in the following key areas:

Although our offices are based in the far South West, as a strategic marketing consultancy, we work with a wide range of clients across the country.

We are currently working successfully with clients in Milton Keynes, Oxford, the City of London, High Wycombe, Weybridge, Newbury, Taunton and Plymouth.

Our consultants live across the South and South West and we are expanding our team of marketing consultants in the South Midlands and the London area.

If we believe that we can add value and help an organisation achieve its objectives then geography is not a barrier to where we will work.

Take a look at our marketing success stories to see how we have been able to use our expertise in these areas to help to deliver real improvements in business performance for our customers.

Call us on 0845 201 1618 or email us to find out how we can help you.