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mc3 - Success Story

marketing plans & marketing planning - mc3 success story

We worked with our client, mc-cubed (mc3), to develop and then implement a 12-month tactical marketing plan to effectively take their proposition to market - read the full story here

A crucial element of what we do at Total Marketing Solutions is ensuring that we get our thinking right at the beginning of the development of a clear marketing strategy for our client. Once we have a clear understanding of the required strategic direction for our client, we then set about developing robust marketing plans through a rigorous Marketing Planning process to achieve the strategic objectives.

Whilst strategic planning steers the overall direction of a business, marketing planning focusses on achieving these strategic objectives. A strong, clear marketing plan can make the difference between successfully achieving a company's strategic objectives - or not. We therefore use our experience and expertise to develop a meaningful, relevant and - above all else - useful plan whose implementation will achieve the strategic objectives.

So what's makes a good marketing plan? A solid understanding of where you are now and how you got here. We achieve this understanding by carrying out a full situational analysis of your key products, sales and strategic markets. We would then use this understanding to develop appropriate, achievable and measurable marketing objectives. In turn, we develop these objectives into strategies to ensure the successful achievement of these objectives.

We won't bury our creative thinking in jargon but we will provide you with a clear, concise plan. You can either choose to implement all of the plan yourself or we can help you with implementation too.

To find out how we can help you to produce an effective, robust marketing plan, please contact us on 0845 201 1618 or email us at