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Digitial Marketing Audit

digital marketing audit

To help our clients ensure that they get the maximum potential return from their investment in digital marketing activities, we have developed a practical approach to analysing the effectiveness of their digital marketing activity - to learn more see our

Digital Marketing Audit presentation here

An effective Digital Marketing Strategy is now unarguably an essential component of the overall marketing strategy for all businesses. Working with our clients as a Digital Marketing Consultancy, we see that many smaller companies have yet to fully understand and exploit the potential of internet and online marketing as a sales channel and as a business development tool, particularly in business-to-business markets. The customers of most businesses are increasingly using the Internet as their primary source of research.

Total Marketing Solutions has extensive experience acting as an online, digital marketing consultancy working with small and medium sized companies, helping them grow their business through successful online marketing activity. We have helped our clients develop and implement their internet marketing strategy, from helping our clients to go online with their first website through to managing the relaunch of large scale e-commerce websites.

As with all marketing activities, we believe that your online and digital marketing must start with strategy. What is the purpose of your website? Is it simply a "brochure site" to support offline marketing or is a sales channel in its own right? Is it a resource for existing customers or a recruitment channel for new clients? Does your finance department regard it as a cost or as an investment?

Getting your online and digital marketing strategy right is the first step in deciding how to market your business online. We can help you to decide how to allocate resources for your company, including Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and offline marketing activity to support your online strategy. A well constructed online marketing strategy will contain all of these channels.

On our Resources Page we have some highly-effective Hints & Tips to help get you started on Search Engine Optimisation techniques, Email Marketing and Pay Per Click advertising.

The Internet allows businesses of any size to reach a huge audience of potential customers in an incredibly cost-effective way. Small businesses can look just as capable and professional on the Internet as major multi-nationals. As Digital Marketing Consultants we can help your organisation get your Internet marketing strategy and investment right and this can be instrumental in driving your business success.

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