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The Value Proposition

The Value Proposition

The starting point of any collaborative consultancy for TMS is to restore sales confidence in the power of our client's total proposition. Our TMS consultants use the Total Proposition methodology to prompt salespeople to identify the extent of their product or service package available. This proven approach helps us to identify just how their offering can be positioned away from competitor offerings to create a clear competitive differentiation.

Although most salespeople understand the difference between features and benefits, many often struggle with demonstrating the concept of value, i.e. how to translate the benefits of their proposition into economic value that makes sense to specific customers.

TMS uses a Value Mapping methodology that helps identify how customer value can be created from all aspects of the total proposition, whilst introducing the concept of The Value Balance Sheet to demonstrate how value can be quantified, communicated and traded to win customer commitment.

To develop powerful Value Propositions, we utilise a model called the Differentiator Matrix. This methodology enables us to evaluate all aspects of the client's proposition to then clearly identify those that can create competitive differentiation.

In particular, we are looking to find those aspects of the seller's proposition that are a competitive strength, whilst offering significant value to a customer.

It is these elements that then form the basis of the Customer Value Proposition.

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