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Strategic Sales Performance - the TMS approach

The TMS approach to Strategic Sales Consultancy

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At Total Marketing Solutions we are able to help businesses restructure their whole sales function, ensuring that each element of sales is working effectively to maximize results for their business. Having led a large number of workshops both in the UK and internationally, for businesses across diverse sectors, we have found that there is a number of key elements required to achieve sales success for any business, regardless of size, resources or market sector.

The Value Proposition - Your offering is bigger than you think

It is surprising but true that many organisations lose sight of both the extent and strength of what they have to sell. They begin to believe their customers, who tell them they are no different from anyone else in the market. As a result, a client's hard-earned experience or differentiated product benefits are either given away or simply not traded. TMS consultants are able to restore confidence in the client's value proposition whilst helping salespeople translate the benefits of their product or service offereing into economic value. Find out more here.

Customer Strategy

A further finding is that clients do not have an appropriate means of identifying their most important prospects and customers. As a result, they spread their resources too thinly across all their customers without providing the ideal relationship that different customers both want and expect. In order to address this issue, TMS makes use of the Customer Relationship Matrix, a methodology that identifies customers on two basic dimensions as a basis for developing an appropriate customer strategy. Find out more here.

Sales Process and Strategy

We have found that some clients struggle with understanding how their customers buy, in particular how they begin their initial search, how they evaluate options and how they then make a final buying decision. TMS uses a methodology called The Customer Journey to examine the stages that a typical customer moves through as they progress through their buying process

We also look at each step of the sales process, from finding customers through to keeping them. Find out more here.

People and Performance

We also look at skills and behaviours within the sales function. The question we ask is, what do outstanding sales people do to separate themselves from ordinary performers? Our TMS consultants are able to develop key skills and change behaviours to achieve results.

Sales performance depends on an integrated sales strategy that brings together all the elements above but it is critical to involve salespeople in developing this new strategy as part of their accepted way of doing business.

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